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12 Questions Are Answered:

1. What is going on here? We are busy creating a new world of adventures with Bunzini the Rabbit, his spider pal, Webster and all their pals. We call them the Guys.

A mysterious clue!

2. The story of Murkey’s is so different. Why did you write it? Bunzini the rabbit made me do it. I live with a demanding rabbit—he says he is the 8-inch Edward G. Robinson. Obviously, his first starring role had to be noir.

3. But what is Rabbit Noir? Funny you should ask. This tale was inspired by the long history of noir stories, TV shows and films, set on the foggy San Francisco waterfront. Plus, it made sense to situate Murkey’s Diner on the same waterfront where I work. Rabbit + Noir = it was a natural. Read the humorous definition here.

Step into Murkey’s, the old-school diner on the docks at Pier 13! Leave Reality and set a mysterious course for the world of Rabbit Noir…you won’t find Pier 13 on any chart! One happy reader enjoyed Murkey’s so much, she said, “I forgot I was sick in bed!” “Peek inside” here.

4. What is it about you and the waterfront? I grew up playing and swimming in ponds, streams and lakes. Some summers, we vacationed at the Atlantic Ocean. I loved to swim and sail. A stroke of luck led me to working on the San Francisco Bay, after years at less than inspiring desk jobs as a Commercial Interior Designer.

On the Waterfront.

I wrote an essay about becoming a deckhand on the San Francisco Bay here.

5. How did you begin writing Murkey’s? When was first online, I needed content. Murkey’s Diner began with my one-chapter-per-month-plan. Bunzini was the star of the story, so of course he was all for it.

After writing the first three chapters, I realized Murkey’s was a bigger project than first imagined. I removed it from the website and finished the writing in between going to work, and doing all those other things one must. Next I figured out how to publish my own book. It all took time, but if I can do it, anyone can.

6. Have you written any other stories? YES! Glad you asked! Bunzini Comes Home is A Rabbit Story Adventure. The idea behind Rabbit Story Adventures is short stories about Bunz and his pals. We call them the Guys. Bunzini Comes Home tells of Bunzini’s early days and how he arrived in my life. It is available–“Peek Inside” here.

Bunz with his latest story.

The second exciting Rabbit Noir Mystery Adventure, Guys and Donuts, is in the works. Stay tuned for more information. Better yet, sign up for the 2-minute newsletter and find out exactly when it is ready for the world!

7. Why do you have two websites? Doesn’t everybody? That’s what Bunzini told me and I believed him., the first website, was created for Bunzini because he insisted. Watch his video about this confrontation here.

Then, as I was finishing up Murkey’s, A Rabbit Noir, I realized I needed an author website, too. So I made this website. Lucky for me, my name was still available! We have all kinds of fun with Bunzini and the Guys! You can, too!

8. Where can I find your Books? There are several online merchants that carry Murkey’s, such as Barns and Noble, Amazon, etc. Find them on the HOME page! Scroll down a little for the links to online stores. Or just ask your local bookstore to order Murkey’s, A Rabbit Noir from IngramSpark Distributors!

If you are in San Francisco, Murkey’s is at: Bird and Beckett Books and Music, my favorite bookstore. It is located in the quiet neighborhood of Glen Park, only 2 blocks from the Glen Park BART stop. They have a great selection of new and used books, and actual vinyl records. Have a chat with Eric, find a book or record, then stop for a coffee at the neighborhood cafe! The bookstore also streams great jazz on Facebook Live on the weekends. The schedule is on the website.

A great bookstore with friendly people!

9. What about a newsletter? YES! We write the famous “2-minute” newsletter once a month. Inside is an exclusive look at the world of the writer (me!), or maybe a story about rescuing some of our Guys, or a recollection of my childhood in the country, plus a photo or two. Often we recommend books or shows.

Looking for recommended books now? Click here.

10. Where can I sign up for the newsletter? Right here! Use our adorable sign-up form.

11. Do you have a blog? Doesn’t everybody? Find interviews with authors, and short takes on writerly subjects on this website. I explore additional subjects on Medium.

12. Do you have note cards available? YES! We have NOTE CARDS. Webster is on the front, on has magic carpet, reading a book. The text says: GO ANYWHERE…Traveling by Book! Right now cards are FREE, though this may change in the future. Limit: 2 per person, please. SPECIAL NOTE: Soon there will be a Fun Selection of BOOKMARKS!

NOTE CARD: “Go Anywhere…Traveling by Book!”

We’ll need your address in order to mail these quality cards to you. Contact us and let us know. We will never share/sell or otherwise play fast and loose with your information. (Hint: Anyway, we wouldn’t know how.)

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