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My Grandfather, Grandmother and me (right, leaning on my favorite reading chair) and my brothers and younger sister having the best of times. Our Grandmother is reading a volume from the Book House series, highly recommended!

We have always loved reading. Good books are treasures: they reward re-reading again and again! These are a few treasures we recommend:

Of course first of all, great illustrations are such a treat. Elisabeth the Treasure Hunter has them. And then, speaking as a former little girl, it was wonderful to have a heroine who was fun and smart and outside having an adventure!

Elisabeth the Treasure Hunter, by Felice Holman

Pepper and Salt could be nominated for best illustrations ever! And the short stories are fabulous, too. Many of them are about clever people who outwit the bigwigs, and that is always fun.

Pepper and Salt, by Howard Pyle

Well, there may be some stuff that E.B. White wrote that isn’t good, but I’ve never read it. Stuart Little is all about plucky Stuart the mouse, and his amazing adventures. Also highly recommended are any of E.B. White’s essay collections. And of course, he wrote Charlotte’s Web.

Stuart Little, by E.B White

Another all-time classic, Wind In the Willows is great to read to yourself or to read aloud, as my father did for me and my siblings. Reading aloud is a great pastime to do with children. As usual, the book is way better than the movie! Just open to the first page and be immediately drawn in to the the life of the river bank and these great characters!

Wind In the Willows, by Kenneth Grahame