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The world behind the world of Murkey’s. Meet the Guys, Bunz and Webbs, and all their real life (IRL) buddies. Where do crazy ideas come from? We don’t know. What we do know is that the new story:Guys and Donuts, a prequel to Murkey’s, set during the Great Sugar Ban, is coming together, slowly but surely!

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In this photo: I made the set: the door, door handle and the “brick” wall to install it in (not really visible here), and Bunz’s suit (also not really visible). I make all of Bunzini’s clothes, though he would prefer a professional tailor!

We do have a lighting professional (my husband, Tash). He makes all our photos look so much better!

This is our first newsletter, introducing who we all are:

Bunz sees Webbs’ hat on the stoop.

It started with this photo of Bunzini looking at Webbs’ hat. I thought about it and decided I needed to answer two questions: 

Why was Bunz looking at the abandoned hat?

Where was the spider and why had he left his hat behind? (Okay, that’s three questions.)

I pictured a card game, which Bunz discovers in the basement of the last Victorian row house on the Embarcadero. Why was Webbs playing cards there? His friend Bongo was the building watch dog. 

The next question: how to launch this story? 

The answer: the image of the donut and coffee, drawn by E.A. Sawabini. I love this image. I invented a diner and a customer who had sketched the image on a diner napkin. 

Why had the customer sketched a donut and coffee? Because Murkey’s served great coffee and pastries. And the Guys would fight to save their favorite diner. And one day in 2013, that’s how it all began.

Donut dunking into a coffee cup