Murkey's, A Rabbit Noir book cover,donut floating over a cup, golden gate bridge in fog
Cover of Murkey’s, A Rabbit Noir

You will love this story of a tough rabbit and his intellectual spider pal protecting their favorite hangout, Murkey’s Diner. 12 Illustrations by E.A. Sawabini.
Mild PG rating: because, yes, there is a dead moose, …and a recipe for the rabbit’s favorite cocktail: the Rabbit Hole.

…an unclassifiable triumph in a singular genre all its own–the hard-boiled children’s tale…this colorful, sea-swept tale of Good Guys and Bad Guys….

Readers from eight to eighty will become enamored with the satirical undercurrent in the dialogue…these characters blend together in a way that takes its cue from the great dialogue writers and moves magically into a realm of its own.

Good or Bad, these Guys are great–and when the tale is done, you’ll wish you could be with all of them at Murkey’s.

D.G. Malcolm, Jr.

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